Feel Good Institute


What is Amplified Mindfulness Practice?

Amplified Mindfulness Practice (AMP) is a playful, joyous meditative practice in three parts that re-awakens bliss in our body, mind, and soul. An AMP session lasts about an hour. We begin with delicious intuitive movement, melting into music that frees our emotional and creative flow. As motion subsides, we settle into deep breathing and gentle, progressive muscle relaxation. At last, from this place of exquisite peace, we glide into vocal expression, humming or singing together as we’re inspired.

AMP is beautiful in-person, in a group setting. The practice is also available as an online solo experience. To find out when the next AMP session is happening, click below!

What is AMP all about?

Part 1: Intuitive Movement

In Intuitive Movement, we learn how to use our body as an instrument for healing body-mind-soul. Yes, this is exercise, but on another level, it’s about expressing your true self through movement. As you close your eyes and let your body release holding and tension, the music filters down deep into your cells.

In this relaxed state, you can allow your body to move the way it needs to in the moment, without judgement or restriction. Intuitive Movement is flexible and unstructured—you can explore what feels good. The more you practise this free flow of expression, the more you learn about yourself.

Music has been scientifically proven to have powerful effects on the brain. Recent research suggests that music may support brain healing through pain reduction, stress relief, memory activation, and in many other ways. In addition to the music, the words of a song can act as potent tools, uplifting our personal energy and improving both our mood and our outlook on life.

The music in each AMP session is lovingly curated to combine beautiful melodic textures and meaningful words in a way that speaks to your essence—euphoric might describe it best.

Part 2: Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing has multiple benefits. Using the power of our breath, we can bring the body into a restful state that promotes the release of feel-good endorphins such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. In this state of being, our body works better on all levels, enabling us to raise our energy and awareness. Progressive Muscle Relaxation allows us to release stress by progressively tensing and relaxing muscle groups throughout the body. This gentle exercise brings body and mind into a peaceful state.

Part 3: Singing or Humming

Singing or humming in a group creates an amazing feeling of connectedness. Even if you are doing this online, the sound of your own voice is an instant mood enhancer. Brain chatter disappears when we sing or hum. Just as movement and deep breathing elevate feel-good endorphins, so does singing.

Using the vibration of your voice to fill the space around you invites you into a state of profound relaxation. There’s no need to worry about how you sound or whether you are on or off-key. You are simply vocalizing without judgement. You can join in as much or as little as you wish, and still find yourself wrapped in a sense of luscious well-being.